About Us


We are a company that works with dentists to provide custom teeth devices for their patients,their patients friends and their patients families that are not able to afford an office visit or are not able to travel to a dentist office.

In the dental industry,a dentist takes an impressions of the patients teeth and sends the impressions to a dental laboratory where the teeth devices are made.The teeth device is sent back to the dentist and they give the device to their patient.

It is not always easy for the patients to to make it to a dental office or afford a dental appointment to get their teeth impressions.We have created a way for those patients to take their own impressions from home and send them directly to the dental lab.

We only offer simple custom teeth devises that very little or no adjustments are required.It is also much safer to have custom teeth devices made from your teeth impressions than it is to buy a one size fits all boiling type from the store. The boil types can be easily misfit and can cause teeth and jaw damage.There are many different companies that sell custom teeth devices on the internet but they do not have them made by the same dental labs that the dentists use.We only use the laboratories that meet all of the FDA regulations.We also advise our customers to allow their dentists to monitor them after they receive one of our teeth devises.When you receive your teeth devise you will also receive the name address and phone number of one of our affiliated dentists if there is one in your area.We are able to save you both time and money by offering this method of ordering but we want to ensure that your teeth device is fitting properly and that you maintain good oral hygiene.We thank you for visiting our website and we hope that we can be of service to you,your family and friends.

From Home Dental Referral Program:

We are a company that manages a web based business to create an additional patient base for dentists and an additional revenue stream for dentists while helping everyone receive needed dental care.

We understand that many people are not willing or able to make it to a dental appointment or a dental office for various reasons.Because of this, there are many companies on the internet offering teeth devises direct to the public and bypassing the dentist.Some of these companies are offering boil and fit devices and others are offering an at home impression kit with no encouragement to have a dentist monitor them.We are one of the companies that offers an at home impression kit and use only FDA compliant dental laboratories to manufacture our products but work with the dentists through our affiliate program to monitor our customers.We have set up a system that we feel will work for both the customer and the dentist.We not only encourage our customers to see a dentist but have also set up a referral service so they receive the name ,address and phone number of our dentists when they receive their teeth devise.Our affiliate program allows any dentist to easily sign up so we can not only refer our customers to them to become future potential patients but also offer a commission on each sale that the dentist refers to our website. Once a dentist becomes an affiliate we provide them with a “Banner” to place on their website so when someone clicks on the banner it sends them to our website.When the customer places an order the dentist will receive a copy of the sale and once a moth will receive a commission check for 20% of all of the sales.Dentists are free to advertise to customers by any means they wish and will now be able to make money without having to see anyone.The customers that find our website and order without the referral of a dentist are sent our dentist affiliates name in their area so the customer becomes a potential patient.If you are interested and would like to sign up as an affiliate simply go to our website at www.Doityourselfdentalimpressionkit.com and scroll to the bottom of our home page and click on the “Affiliate” button.This will take you to the sign up page.Thank you for your interest and we hope that we can work with you to not only increase your profits but foremost to help people everywhere be able to receive needed dental care.


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