ITA-8888 Click In (Full Arch Upper or Lower 16 Teeth)


The “Click In” is a temporary fix for those that have lost a tooth, have stained teeth or have dark colored teeth.  It is not recommended to eat with this device in your mouth.  It is not intended to replace the purchase of dental veneers or dental crowns which are up to $1,200 per tooth.  The “Click In” is simply an inexpensive temporary fix until you can purchase veneers or crowns.  The “Click In” is a very comfortable product and clicks in over your natural teeth.  It normally does not require dental adhesive but if your natural teeth do not have undercuts then a small amount of dental adhesive may be needed.  If you are looking for a dental device that you can eat with, then our Flexible Partial is the perfect product.

You can’t be missing more than 4 teeth on the arch we make the Click In for.

No more than 2 adjacent teeth can be missing on the arch we make the Click In for.

Price: $250.00



ITA-8888 Up to 5 Teeth

The “Click In” is ideal for teeth that you would like to cover along with teeth that are missing. with the “Click In” you simply snap the appliance in over the top of the existing teeth. It is very comfortable due to the no coverage of the palate and gums like our other partial denture. It is flexible yet incredibly strong and snaps in without any adhesive, it’s simple, it uses your teeth for retention.

    Perfect Option if you:

  • Have teeth staining (ie Tetracycline Stains)
  • Have crooked teeth but don’t want to wear braces
  • Have missing teeth
  • Are unhappy with the esthetics of your smile
  • Want a great smile for a special occasion
  • Want a quick boost of confidence


How To Do It

Click Here to view the instructions in printable PDF format.
UPPER TEETH instructional video
LOWER TEETH instructional video
For more online detailed instructions – Visit our How To Do It Page


You have 30 days, from the date we ship the dental appliance, to return it to us (unbroken) in its carry case for a free adjustment or a 50% refund of the total charged to you.

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