The Invisible Retainer :

Our virtually Invisible or Clear Retainer is our most comfortable retainer. It is thin so it is easily adapted to and it is virtually invisible so no one can tell that you are wearing it. The retainer lasts for about a year. If you are looking for a longer lasting retainer then check out our Hawley Retainer.

Click Here to Compare the Hawley Retainer Vs. Invisible Retainer

How to Wear the Invisible Retainer:

This Retainer should be worn for around 1 hour each day to retain your teeth’s current position. You will need to take it out while eating. Be sure and use both hands to push on or pull off using your thumb and index finger on both sides of the retainer.

How to Care for the Invisible Retainer:

Gently brush it with toothpaste and water each time that you take it out after each use.


Upper, Lower, Set (one Upper & one Lower)


I already have silicone impressions of my teeth, I need to take impressions of my teeth

Days at Lab

5-7 days, 10-12 days


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