Partials :

You must have at least 10 existing teeth on both your upper arch and your lower arch to order this product.

The reason that we require that our customers have at least 10 existing teeth on their upper arch and 10 existing teeth on their lower arch is that in order to make a Partial Denture, Flipper or Temporary Bridge is the lab has to know how your teeth match up when you bite all of the way down. They have to know how your upper and lower teeth match up when you bite all of the way down because this is how they determine where to place the replacement teeth so that when you bite all of the way down the replacement teeth are placed in the exact correct position to be functional but not in the way.

The Flexible Partial Denture is our best product that we offer to replace missing teeth. It not only fills the spaces where you are missing teeth but you can also eat with it in. The plastic material that the teeth are connected to is nearly unbreakable. When you order our Flexible Partial Denture you will receive our teeth impression kit within 2-3 days. After you create your impressions and send them back to us in our prepaid mailer, it takes 10-12 days to manufacture your product (the same time as if you had gone to a dentist). These are the same high quality products that are made by laboratories that dentist use, for close to half the cost.


The Flexible Partial Denture can be worn 24 hours a day and can be worn while you are eating. To insert or remove this teeth device, use both hands and push on or pull off evenly with your thumb and index finger. It may take several days for your tongue to get used to device and then your speech will return to normal.


To clean the Flexible Partial Denture simply brush it with toothpaste and water after each use. You can use effervescent tablets once a week for deep cleaning.


Upper, Lower, Set (one Upper & one Lower)


I already have silicone impressions of my teeth, I need to take impressions of my teeth

Required Number of Teeth

I have at least 10 on upper and 10 on lower, I have at least 8 on the upper and 8 on the lower

Days at Lab

5-7 days, 10-12 days


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